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3 Reasons Why Your Vehicle Needs Oil Changes


Modern automobiles necessitate a plethora of maintenance services to remain in excellent driving condition. Maintenance, such as belt and hose replacements and fluid flushes, is required to keep you moving safely. Most services are only required every couple of years or so, but there is one service that vehicles require much more frequently is Oil changes which is an important service needed for truck maintenance and as well as for all vehicles such as cars, vans, and SUVs require regularly, usually every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, to keep the engines running at peak performance. This is how fresh oil works!

Reduce engine heat:
Engine oil is designed to reduce heat generated by the friction of the engine’s moving parts. In essence, it aids the cooling system by reducing heat in areas where coolant cannot reach. As oil ages, it degrades and loses its ability to perform this function, and it can generate more heat, resulting in overheating problems under the hood. That potential problem will be drained away with the old oil when fresh oil is added to the engine during an oil change.

Get rid of engine sludge:
The draining of the old oil is an important part of the oil change. This procedure removes engine sludge that accumulates over time and can clog moving parts of the engine. Dirt, dust, and other particles that enter the engine, as well as minute metal particles that are shaved off the engine, contribute to the formation of this gunk. Much of this debris is caught in the oil filter, but as the filter becomes clogged, this sludge accumulates inside the engine. A clogged oil filter reduces oil flow through the engine, which can cause a slew of issues. During a standard oil change, the oil filter will be replaced.

Maintain proper lubrication:
The most important reason to maintain regular oil changes is to keep your vehicle’s engine properly lubricated. Without proper engine oil levels, there will be harsh metal-on-metal contact between the engine’s moving components, resulting in significant damage. Oil changes are the most effective way to keep your engine in good working order. When you come in for an oil change at most auto repair shops, you will be given a service check. This means that a technician will spend time under the hood and around the vehicle identifying potential problems and alerting you to them before leaving you stranded on the side of the road.

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Oil changes should be performed regularly. They are, without a doubt, a vehicle service that should not be overlooked. Old, dirty oil reduces gas mileage, horsepower, and ultimately the life of your engine. Examine your vehicle’s owner’s manual and make sure to have your oil changed at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals. Please contact a service adviser at any of the Jandl Fleet Group vehicle service centers in Florida if you have any questions.