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Prevention Over Cure: Maintenance Tactics to Avoid Costly Truck Repairs

Prevention Over Cure Maintenance Tactics to Avoid Costly Truck Repair

These are harsh times where devastating events in the trucking industry could possibly lead to a nationwide recession. If you have a functional truck or a whole fleet of trucks at the moment, that’s a great privilege. You are sitting on gold. But this also suggests you face a great responsibility of making sure your trucks remain functional.

It is imperative to be careful with trucks. Even minor fender benders or repair needs could cost you about 1000% more as compared to standard vehicle repairs. Play it smart, and you will save significantly more than other truckers. All of it because you were farsighted and prompt with your truck fleet maintenance strategies.

Before I guide you about the maintenance tactics to save on truck repair, here is a list of four most expensive truck repairs to avoid.

1)  Differential Rebuild

If your truck is in need of this repair, you might have to replace either the bearings or fit in a whole new carrier case. Even a minimum setback of this repair need could snatch a thousand bucks out of your pockets.

2)  Transfer Case

Usually, you would find transfer case on trucks to be sturdy, but you can’t reject the possibility of it piling up. If you truck’s transfer case is gone, you will need to change it, which makes a bill of at least two grand.

3)  Transmission Failure

You may think truck transmissions are imperishable, given their use in rigorous towing and hauling, but they are prone to failure sometimes. Fixing a major transmission fault will cost you around $3000, and we are not even talking about specialty truck.

4)  Engine Repair

There are many ways to tell your truck engine needs repair. If your engine has bid you farewell, you would need to spare somewhere from $3,500 to $10,000.

In order to keep these parts and truck systems in optimal health, there are a few things you need to do. Following these guidelines will help you avoid expensive truck repairs.

#1: Appreciate the Importance of Maintenance-based Expenditures

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is shying away from or delaying maintenance processes like timely tuning and oil/air filter changes because of cost. You will have to pay more than you could imagine in the long run. No professional will recommend you drag your truck through the dirt while you keep putting off the needed maintenance.

If you look at it, maintenance-based expenditures are an investment to ensure your truck runs long and healthy. You will save in the end and thank yourself over time.

#2: Apply Genuine Parts

Whether it’s a gasket or a timing belt, your truck’s longevity depends on the quality of the parts used. Otherwise, your think is only as good as its most inauthentic part.

It can be tempting to use cheaper parts from a questionable vendor, but just like with maintenance costs, you are not actually saving money here. You are digging a hole for yourself in the long haul.

#3: Watch Out for Bad Diesel Fuel

There is no immediate telling that you may be injecting dirty diesel into your truck. If your truck is in regular use, it could be the last thing on your mind anyway.

It would thus be helpful to have one or a few reliable sources of diesel fueling stations. There’s no harm in making friends with

#4: Don’t Ignore Your Exhaust System

Some truckers do not realize how important the exhaust system is to the overall health of the truck. Make sure to monitor it regularly. This farsightedness will help you catch issues before they worsen.

#5: Ensure Regular Clean-ups

Make it an established rule to inspect and clean your truck – for example the engine – after it has ridden for a while, or before you take it for another long ride.

Dirt is one of the worst enemies of a truck, especially when it is lodged internally. It would hinder your truck’s performance if you are not going over the arduous but rewarding practice of cleaning your truck.

Diesel truck repairs are headache-inducing money-drainers. The measures described in this article are centered on precaution because you have to play it smart. The more farsighted you are, the more you will extend your truck life.